Would you like your company logo or own design transformed into a flag?

Flags Fantastic can convert even the simplest design into a spectacular, eye-catching, quality flag. Simply send us the artwork nominating size, colours (Pantone colour codes if available) and the quantity required along with your name and contact details and we'll price the flags for you.

- Final artwork for printed flags should be supplied in a vectored EPS format for Illustrator converted to outline.

- Artwork for fully sewn flags can be supplied in a variety of formats, please ensure designs are clearly defined.

Custom Flag Guidelines & Tips:
Flag designs should be kept as simple as possible.

Nearly all flags are read correctly on one side with a mirror image on the reverse.

Double sided flags are overly heavy and should be avoided where possible.

Bold simple colours work best with a flying flag.

For simple designs and or where the quantity required is just one or two flags the best and most cost effective option is for the flags to be fully sewn.

Larger orders and more complicated designs are best manufactured printed, either digitally or screenprinted. Production set-up costs level out after the first few flags are printed and the unit cost per flag thereafter reduces on a sliding scale.

Continual advancements in the quality of colour depth from the digital printing process has seen this option gradually take over from screen printing. Some designs are still best screen printed such as where the large quantity is required and the artwork has plain bold colours, but we will recommend the most suitable method to print the flags upon receipt of artwork.

The price of flags is dictated by the quantity ordered, the size and whether digitally printed or screenprinted.

The majority of our flags are made to the '2yd International Flag Standard Size', with the Australia flag ratio being 2-to-1, this equating in metrics to 1800mm length x 900mm, or an imperial measurement of 6ft x 3ft.

For banner flags which run vertically up the flagpole the ratio is more often 1-to-3, an example being street banner flags which are typically 1500mm x 4500mm.
Please make sure to specify your preferred flag ratio proportions and sizes.

All flags will be finished with short loops at the top and bottom of the hoist (the flagpole side) which in turn can be attached to flagclips for immediate flying.

Closed pockets, open sleeves or eyelets in the corners are also available.

For enhanced 'flying ability' we can add a longer rope at the bottom of the hoist of standard shaped flags. This feature can help the flag fly unrestricted and more 'away' from the flagpole.

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Customise your own flag in the traditional horizontal flag shape or in a vertical banner style shape.